~ Who are we ~

Experts in Development and Digital Strategy

Since being set up in 2008 by its founder, Mr. Younes EL QARS, Datacium has been specializing in IT solutions.

The driving force behind the growth of our power solutions stems from the skill set of our young team. We have experience working directly with customers from the USA, Europe, and Africa. Since 2012, we’ve made our services available to the Moroccan market.

We excel at developing tailor-made solutions (SaaS) with huge experience in making all kinds of applications for Windows and Linux (single-user or network driven) and will add mobile apps depending on your needs.


Business process/ Optimization


Data Bases/ Big Data


Artificial Intelligence/ AI


Information Systems/ IS

  • May, 2008

    DATACIUM founded by Y. EL QARS

  • June, 2009

    Started data entry, surveys and polls (prosaisie.ma & prosondage.ma)

  • October, 2009

    End of subcontracting services

  • January, 2012

    Started up activities for the Moroccan and African markets

  • 2012 - 2014

    Geolocation and management services launched for rental car companies work in partnership with GLCAR.

  • May, 2015

    The launch of the e-safar service for Moroccan travel agencies

  • January, 2016

    Progress in strengthening information technology security

  • September, 2018

    Started working with the AI (artificial intelligence) and BIG DATA

  • February , 2020

    The name of the company changed into DATACIUM

~ Our awareness ~

Turn your ideas into digital reality

Preparation/ Researching the situation
Definition of the objectives
Specifications/ Planning
Implementation/ Evaluation
  • Preparation/ Researching the situation

    Understand requirements as thoroughly as possible by asking the right questions.
  • Definition of the objectives

    Working with you, we can develop and implement a specific curriculum to meet your needs.
  • Specifications/ Planning

    We offer professional experts providing specific expertise or consulting missions to determine the most appropriate technical allows us to transform a wind turbine project from concept to reality. : Engineering, design, building, installation & maintenance
  • Implementation/ Evaluation

    Save time! Monitoring of the development step by step. Track your success, and keep the momentum going!
    Already know clearly the beginning and end of your (on-time delivery) project.


We find the best solution for the customers needs for mall and medium-sized companies

Our premises provide everything you need and keeping always our solutions up-to-date.

Technology consulting

High-added value expertise in the context of the digital mincing. In such a relationship we build up both confidence and tolerance.


Process automation serving your activities. Strategy for Performance Improvement.


Global data collection and analysis. Collaborate to improve methodologies, techniques and systems to analyse companies Data.

Software as a Service

An optimized technology, tailored for your business only, giving you the opportunity to access your software from any device and from anywhere with internet.

Mobile Apps

Tailored for your needs, easy access to fast and operating on Android, IOS and Windows Phones. Turn your project idea into reality, and expose your content to the world!

Windows/Linux Apps and Automated Software

Whether you’re looking for a microservices, an app that performs a specific task or one that performs many, we have the solution for you!


Companies have trusted us and many of them regularly ask for our services

  • Web Saisie
  • konica-minolta
  • apys
  • besolux
  • csi
  • event-plus
  • valtinee-btp
  • Groupe Fadil
  • Fédération Nationale des Négociants. en Céréales et Légumineuses
  • maz-expo
  • ANOR Cameroun
  • gme
  • kompastik
  • wideek
  • rdvavecvous
  • verandan
  • equationsnomades
  • Info Consulat
  • SABBAR Expertise
  • AST France
  • BSS France
  • Biouac Rêves
  • AM Design
  • MoumouKado
  • BB CO
  • WALIMA Farine
  • Turism Premium Consulting

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Our team is always at your disposal to find you the optimal solutions

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